Thermionehe Ranfurly Homes for Children was created out of an urgent need and crisis. In the mid-1950s, downtown Nassau experienced a devastating fire. During the aftermath and clean up, Lady Hermoine Ranfurly, wife of the then Governor General, the Earl of Ranfurly, discovered a group of homeless children sleeping in cardboard boxes in buildings and alleys near the burnt buildings.

Lady Ranfurly was moved by what she saw and used her local and international contacts to make a change. Together with the Queen Mary’s Sewing Guild, Lady Ranfurly began galvanizing worldwide support for the creation of a home. Just six months after securing a spacious property on Mackey St. with room for children to play under the shade of Poinciana and sapodilla trees, the patrons and caregivers at Ranfurly welcomed the first residents into their full time care.

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