Ranfurly Homes for Children Named “2021 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT”

Nassau, Bahamas, February 7th, 2022

This award is based on recommendations by the Great Non-Profits Community. GreatNonprofits is the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonprofits. These stories are submitted by people who know the nonprofits the best – the clients, donors, volunteers, and others whom have experienced the impact of nonprofit work up close.

Ranfurly Homes for Children announced today (February 7th, 2022) it has been named a “2021 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits, the leading website for community recommendations of charities and nonprofits. Ranfurly Homes for Children provides a secure and loving home to children less fortunate in our community due to death, separation, abuse, abandonment, or neglect.

“We are honored to be named a 2021 Top-Rated Nonprofit,” says Joey Premock, President of the Board. We are proud of our accomplishments over the last few years and successfully navigating through these crazy times. The Top-Rated Nonprofit Award is based on the rating and number of reviews that Ranfurly Homes for Children received from volunteers, donors and aid recipients. “The Ranfurly Home offers disadvantaged children the possibility of a home environment with exceptional compassion and care, with loving kindness they care for these children as their own.” said one donor.

“Ranfurly Homes for Children is a great example of a nonprofit making a real difference in their community,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits, “Their award is well-deserved recognition not only of their work, but the tremendous support they receive, as shown by the many outstanding reviews they have received from people who have direct experience working with the Home.”

GreatNonprofits is the largest donation website for nonprofits and where people share stories about their personal experiences on more than 1.6 million charities and nonprofits. The GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Awards are the only awards for nonprofits determined by those who have direct experience with the charities – as donors, volunteers and recipients of aid.

2021 Top Rated Nonprofit

View the Ranfurly Homes for Children profile on Great Non Profits where one can read community stories left by those whom have lived, worked, or volunteered for the Ranfurly Homes.

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