OUR MISSION: The Ranfurly Homes for Children exist to provide comprehensive child care services for displaced children due to death, separation, abuse, abandonment, illness or other unfortunate circumstances.


OUR PHILOSOPHY: At Ranfurly we take care of the whole child. We aim to ensure that children in our care are afforded their rights as outlined in our statement of rights of a child. In addition, we make sure that our children feel comfortable and that they develop a sense of self-worth. We aim to offer our children a place where they can feel safe and secure, but moreover, to provide a place that they can call a home.


OBJECTIVES: In 1956, Lady Hermione Ranfurly, the home’s founder, outlined the hermionefollowing objectives for the home:

  1. To provide a home for Bahamian children who are orphaned or who through sickness or some grave misfortune, find themselves alone in the world.
  2. To maintain and educate these children until such time as they are fit and able to support themselves.
  3. To assist them, on leaving the home or homes, to make a decent start in life and obtain suitable employment.
  4. It is believed that if the home or homes are properly run, these children will become responsible and useful citizens of The Bahamas.
  5. It is thought that by alleviating suffering, these homes will act as a preventive to delinquency. But the homes will in no way be delinquent homes or places of punishment.
  6. It is our wish that the religion of every child in our care shall be respected and they shall be able to attend their own place of worship.
  7. It is our intention that the children in our homes shall benefit from existing youth organizations such as the Boys Scouts, Girl Guides, the Dundas Centre and other fitting children’s organizations.


Today, Ranfurly Homes for Children continues to fulfill these objective by partnering with local and international organizations to further enhance the lives of Ranfurly residents.

Our future goals include funding for transitional housing for older residents, creating an onsite school, securing job opportunities and scholarships for outgoing residents, and enhancing the current dormitory facilities at the home.

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