What is the Ranfurly Home for Children?

The Ranfurly Home for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We aim to provide comprehensive child care services for displaced children due to death, separation, abuse, abandonment, illness, or other unfortunate circumstances. To ensure that while they are in our care they are afforded their rights as outlined in our statement of rights of a child. In addition, we want our children to feel comfortable, and that they develop a sense of self-worth. To offer our children a place where they can feel safe and secure, but moreover, to provide a place that they can call a home.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a safe structured environment for children who have been orphaned, sexually, physically, and emotionally abused, neglected, or abandoned.
  • To maintain and educate
  • To prepare the children for adulthood
  • To provide assistance to the children upon their departure once they’ve attained the legal age
  • To produce upstanding citizens of The Bahamas
  • To alleviate suffering through nurture, care, and counseling
  • To ensure that the children are socialized so that they are well adjusted and fit into society


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