What are the Transitional Homes at Ranfurly?

Transitional Homes at Ranfurly Home for Children are a group of homes to be built on the grounds of Ranfurly Home, Mackey Street, New Providence, Bahamas. These home pods were designed with the older children/young adults in mind. Also known as The Step, A Ranfurly Home, these transitional homes are the next step for young adults after living in the main group home. There is one building consisting of 2 units that have already been constructed. Currently Phase 2 is actively underway with the construction of another Transitional Home consisting of 4 units. We are in need to raise $225,000 of our $365,000 goal to play an essential role in helping to build a brighter future by empowering today’s youth.

You Can Help

Learning is for life. So is the need for love, support and nurturing. That’s why we created The Step – a dynamic community that fosters growth in a safe, secure and supportive environment. More than a home, this haven provides young Bahamians with the tools, resources and support they need to continue to thrive as they transition into independent living and learn to become productive members of society. With your help, we can put them on the right path for a successful and productive life.

As a private children’s home, Ranfurly only receives a small amount of assistance from the government. Meaning we have existed and always depended on generous supporters like you to help us provide for the children in our care.

  • 100% of the donations given to Ranfurly are used to provide for the children’s needs.
  • Run by a dedicated and qualified board and staff.
  • The Step is the only home of its kind in The Bahamas that provides a space for older displaced youth.
  • The statistics of youth which resort to criminal behavior in The Bahamas are staggering. Youth that are swallowed up by gangs due to a lack of a caring disciplined home environment is at a tremendous high. A 17-year-old child is not an adult yet.

Our Aim:

  • To provide teenagers aging-out of TRHFC with a safe, supported and protected environment to live in.
  • To prepare teenagers for the transition into self-sufficient living – thus becoming valuable, responsible and productive members of Bahamian society.
  • To create a space which becomes a benchmark for future homes throughout The Bahamas.
  • To connect these young adults with the community, providing teaching of practical skills, apprenticeships and life skills.
  • To open up the space for all youth, not only those coming out of TRHFC, but also youth looking to find a safe place to live from all around The Bahamas

Our Program:

  • The STEP is a community that fosters independent living – A collection of single standing buildings we call PODS. Each POD has a bedroom, living space, kitchen and porch.
  • All residents are required to pay a minimal amount of rent for the space and is held accountable for their share of utility bills – extras such as cable, internet and air-conditioning are added for an extra cost, thus teaching them the value of “luxury” items.
  • Each resident is expected to be enrolled in a higher learning facility.
  • The students must apply/earn the right to become residents of the POD’s. Overall behavior as well as grades are key factors for their qualification, as well as continued life in The STEP
  • A central communal pergola with grilling and seating facilities is shared among the residents.
  • The space is a utopia of positive living – color, nature, music and art fill the space giving the residents a sense of pride for their surroundings,
    an appreciation for aesthetics and a care for their environment.
  • There is a curfew as well as 24-hour security provided for the residents.

The youth play a key role in shaping their homes. We work with the oldest students in TRHFC who potentially will transition into the homes –
asking them for their ideas and advice on what kind of community they want to live in. This will help them to realize their dreams and helps us to create a space that is comfortable and true to their hopes and dreams. The process gives them insight into what it takes, and provides them with
valuable information for their future endeavors. We also want them to own this space, to carry it with them into their future, thus creating alumni/ambassadors that will keep The Step as a special place in their hearts forever.


“When I first learned that I would be moving into the transitional home, I felt super excited and liberated, yet somewhat afraid! I was uncertain of the challenges ahead as I was now entering the world that seemed years and years away – the adult world. “Adulting,” as some may call it, is not easy as it seems. I now had new responsibilities that I had to take on, such as paying bills, finding employment, purchasing groceries, and clothing, and making my own decisions, as well as facing the repercussions, to name a few.

Being given the opportunity to live in the transitional home was a blessing. Firstly, it has provided me with a sense of security. Knowing I had a place to stay while I saved for my future took away the headache. Secondly, I had some privacy! Being in multiple children’s homes from the tender age of
two (2), I was always surrounded by a lot of other kids and having my own space where it was just me finally meant a lot. Lastly, I received immense support from the Board of Directors and Staff of The Ranfurly Home for Children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am truly grateful.”

– – Symone Mackey, Resident at The STEP Program

OUR NEEDS: Immediate

Phase 2 has been completed. 4 pods have been built. Remaining immediate needs are:

  • Landscaping
  • Hard & soft furnishings including stack washer & dryer, septic tank, apartment sized fridge & stove [x4]

OUR NEEDS: Once Inhabited

To fulfill our goal of having completed Phase 2 (4 Pods) built, we are in urgent need of the following:

It is our aim to consistently provide our youth with all they deserve physically and emotionally. The Step, with your help, will continue to be a professionally run and consistently maintained home.

  • Regular maintenance support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Mentorship & schooling
  • Company internships
  • Jobs

OUR Thank You

We are thankful for any and all support and are committed to recognizing you and your company. Your assistance will be recognized formally by way of:

  • Logo/name inclusion on centrally positioned plaque.
  • Featured and recognized on Friends of Ranfurly Newsletter and on social media.
  • A badge showcasing your donation to be used on marketing material or in store to highlight your support.
  • After phase two we will launch a thank-you media campaign where your support will be highlighted covering Newspaper, banners, radio and social media

Step up for Step


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making a difference.